is a complete Help Desk CRM solution that reduces the complexities in managing bottlenecks associated with the entire customer care and marketing automation process. Businesses can use Resolution1 to manage ALL of their customer inquiries & feedback through multiple channels from one centralized dashboard, while enabling internal collaboration on the handling of customer issues, initiating service dispatch and leveraging employee commendations and praise. It is also a productivity tool so that team members can focus on serving customers, and not be bogged down by administrative logistics.


is the "Expedia" of online cannabis thats building a community where the cannabis curious and connoisseurs come to find, learn, share, and talk all things cannabis. tolktalk provides a safe & friendly platform for cannabis consumers to connect with with each other & find local businesses


is a powerful, yet simple to use, business platform specifically for the cannabis industry. tolktalkCX includes an end-to-end omni-channeled cloud-based customer care and feedback management solution with powerful marketing automation features and other robust functionalities. Cannabis-based businsses can use tolktalkCX's customer care solutions platform for seamless chain of custody, removing the complexities & technical challenges of managing customer experience and online brand reputation


is a disruptive online platform connecting consumers to companies to reach amicable resolutions to customer service issues. Gripevine’s created a community where consumers are heard and complaints, resolutions, ratings, reviews & polls are shared. Gripevine changes how consumers and companies interact, by offering a simple way to connect with businesses who want to create positive outcomes & amicable resolutions.

Social Science Labs

’s flagship product, “Lightning Rod

”, offers a unique way to monitor social conversations. Social Science Labs believes that the new “big data” is “small data”; where brands increasingly focus on specific critical conversations rather than being inundated with statistics. Lightning Rod scans the social landscape in real time and finds specific social authors of interest to organizations and then immediately builds a social map of that conversation. Through conversation sentiment, selected Persons of Interest, and the discovery of influencers & social networks, communication and engagement actions can be launched.


is a crowd-sourced news platform with content submitted by the people for the people. Today, there is no independent news service that’s based on the crowd-sourced model where everyday citizens or aspiring news people can post relevant news from all over the world. This news will be received instantly, as it happens and be unveiled to the public faster than traditional media coverage.


provides the platform for one person to make a change in politics locally or nationally. It takes one voice or one story to build a trend and create a community of like-minded citizens. Constituents are looking for a platform to speak while politicians are looking for a platform to hear and respond. GovGripe connects constituents with each other and links them to politicians and political organizations that listen.

TurtleShell Labs Corp

works with organizations to alleviate the pressures of cyber security. TurtleShell collaborates with your current in-house IT group or provides dedicated teams of professionals to work alongside your existing infrastructure. Our core team of specialized counter-hackers are trained to think with an attackerís mentality. This allows TurtleShell to stay steps ahead of individuals trying to breach your information systems.

We specialize in social engineering situations to identify the ìsoft spotsî in organizations based on the philosophy that your defence against data breaches is only as good as your peopleís behaviour and how well they are trained. We help build stronger organizations in the ongoing defense against cyber-attacks by creating proprietary cyber security products that focus on the prevention of breaches by combining user education with our productsí proprietary methods to thwart phishing activity. The accumulation of data and expertise at TurtleShell Labs puts us in a unique position to continuously develop leading edge applications to battle ongoing cyber-security concerns.